Sunday, August 29, 2010

Updates on WIP

Here is an update on my WIPs this week. I was inspired in this painting by my recent workshop with Thomas Nash, and here in a short time it seems like its all coming together in the intial lay-in. He recommended I strenghten my drawing skills. And after seeing Johanna Spinks' drawing challenge on her blog (, I realized all the wasted time over the last 9 months that I COULD have been practicing my drawing skills to improve my portraits. I knew if she could draw every day for A YEAR!!, I could put in a LOT more practice regarding my drawings/portraits than I have this last year. Where could I be now had I taken the time to do a similar challenge?
I am having my own art revival right now and it feels great because I can see the progress from where I was a couple years ago. The last 6 months of 09' and the first few of '10 were a waste as I did practically nothing. I'm determined not to let that happen again.
I keep this sketch right next to my easel to remind myself where I was when I started diving back into art in 08', a first since high school. For comparison here is my first 'portrait' attempt at my daughter with a towel on her head, the same one in the above drawing in progress. More drawing/painting updates next week.


Toni McAlister said...

you can see a drastic improvement ~ good job!

Portrait Painting By Johanna Spinks said...

BRAVO! Thanks for the nice words about my year's drawing challenge. I am thrilled it has inspired you to draw more. It hasn't been the easiest to draw every day no matter what, but I KNOW I have grown.